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About Us

"We have been manufacturing quality trailers for more than 15 years"

Extra Tough Trailers Â

Heavy duty 500mm high sided trailers with;

Ribbed sides

Checker plate floor

Fully seam welded

Smooth extra strong guards

Solid tie rails

Angle chassis

1500mm draw bar

Galvanized couppling

5 leaf springs (Optional 7 Leaf springs $60)

Channel at rear for lights and number plate

Full removable drop Down rear tail gate

14 inch wheels (15" additional $60 per trailer)

Sizes available 6x4, 7x4 with rhs chassis - 8x4 7x5 8x5 8x6, these are our standards sizes

Other sizes available, please ask us for a quote.

Standard colours

Hammertone charcoal

Hammertone blue

Hammertone light green

Hammertone silver

Enamel black

Enamel White

Enamel dark green

Other colours available upon request fees apply:Â

Hammertone gold extra $200

Our cages are either 2 foot or 3 foot high and are made in 4 pieces for easy removal. They have a painted frame only in black, the galvanised mesh not painted. If you require cage painted the same colour as the trailer a $50 fee applies.

Brand new 6 stud sunrailers rims and pre-loved tyres extra $1000 per single axel Trailer and $1500 on our tandem as we have to change hubs bearings axel and wider guards.

Heavy duty trailers

2.1mm smooth or checker-plate floor

Smooth or checker-plate guards

Heavy duty 5 leaf springs rated at 1 tonne (option 7 leaf springs $60)

1500 draw bar

Removable tail gate

Solid tie rails

Sizes available, 6x4, 7x4, 8x4, 7x5, 8x5, 8x6.

Our standard colours are;

Hammertone charcoal

Hammertone blue

Hammertone silver

Hammertone black

hammertone light green

we use RHS chassic on all our trailers 7x5 and above not angle.

Pre-loved 6 stud 4wd, 4x4 wheels and Pre-loved tyres extra $900 per single axel

Trailer and $1500 on our tandem as we have to change hubs bearings axel and wider guards.

We can also quote on Canvas Cover & Tonne Covers to protect your valuables against undesired eyes and the

Rain. 7x4 $420 7x5 $475 8x5 $525 8x6 $575, over cage please add $175

Custom Design

We can custom make you a trailer for your own desired specifications, please note each basic design above is unique to itself and can not be incorporated into the other.

Trailer pick ups or shipping is welcome. We are located in the Campbelltown area N.S.W 2560. Truck transportation available in Queensland, Melbourne and Batemans Bay. Please email us for a quote, or you are welcome to organise your own truck transportation, fork lift available.

If you require us to transport to our local trucking depo at Narrellan or Liverpool, a $65 delivery fee applies. If after hours or Sunday pick ups required a $50 fee.

6. Lay-buys welcome. 4 to 6 week Lay-Buys only $100 deposit and balance paid over

Remaining weeks till funds paid in full then pick up arranged with a date that is

Mutually agreeable. If u require longer Lay-Buys a $20 a week administration fee will

Apply. For cancelled Lay-Buys all funds paid will be returned minus $100 deposit

Administration book keeping fee.

7. Payment options. Preferred payment method is via bank deposit. (1) $100 deposit

Minimum or 10% of the purchase price for trailers above $1500 and balance cash on

Pick up (2) via bank deposit or electronic funds transfer either deposit and balance

Cash on pick up or funds received in full please leave your name and mobile phone

Number as a reference as your phone number is unique to you and add added

Protection to your hard earned money, please allow 3 working days for funds to

Clear prior to order time depending on which bank credit union building society

You are with. (3) all cheques must be sent and cashed prior to pick up. (4) all money

Orders be sent and received and cashed prior to pick up.(5) come see us and pay

Deposit and balance cash on pick up. We also accept credit card and efpos